• For Pet Owners

VETerinary Poison Emergency Treatment Services

Who we are: VET PETS is a 24/7 service of the Washington Poison Center, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation dedicated to helping pet owners and veterinarians handle animal-related poison emergencies.

Our call-center staff consists of expert medical professionals specifically trained in the management of poison emergencies.  Callers have access to our board-certified veterinary toxicologist team at all times.

What we do: VET PETS provides phone consultation to assess the risk of unintended exposures to your pet’s health.  Whether you’re concerned about a poisonous plant; a toxic food or beverage; a household, garage, or yard product; or an ingested medication, we’ll make a plan to keep your pet safe.  VET PETS also partners with veterinary clinics and hospitals to streamline the process of delivering emergency treatment recommendations.

When we’re available: All the time…24/7…365 days a year…whenever you need us!

How it works:  Call us at 1-800-572-5842 when you’re concerned about a toxic exposure in your pet.  In order to provide the best treatment recommendations, we will need to know details of the exposure including what your pet ate (or got on their skin or in their eye, etc.), how much, when it happened, previous health history, and current status.

What it costs: Please note that a nominal fee of $45 is charged to assist your animal during the call. This fee is due at the time of service and covers both the initial consultation and any necessary follow-up calls related to your case.  Any major credit or debit card is accepted.